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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 15, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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eyes. hundreds could be armed with recorders by the end of the year. "i took all the stuff off her bay area police officers watching you with more than their eyes these days. i took everything off of her and i said come on sweet heart, we've got to go. >> he had been running but stopped at a nursing home to rescue abandoned patients. what the man responsible for that home had to say about the people left behind. the political ad that may have gone too far. and dogs banned for their own safety. well, we've all seen the videos people using cell phones to record police officers us usually doing something that makes the cops look pretty bad. now some officers have started wearing their own cameras. you may not notice them at first, but rob all right lyles shows us how to spot them.
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>> reporter: suiting up once meant a badge and a gun. now it means a recording device as well. >> just so i can record myself when i stop people. >> reporter: motor officer jason scott has been paranoid complaints and lawsuits alleging officer misconduct have increased in the last decade. usually in a battle of he said she said. but that's about to change. >> this is the new age of policing. >> reporter: 15 oakland officers are now wearing on their chests, the portable video system. it records both video and then audio that is then sent to superiors at the end of each shift. >> i'm able to record everything, you know, and i'm able to download it. it's there, you have a record of it. so i can go on to the computer
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and log on. it's like you have a folder with all your contacts. >> reporter: the camera stems from a case nine years ago over excessive force. >> we're going to have to train these officers so they get used to this device so they can turn it on on every contact. >> reporter: if approved by city council next week, the $900 cameras will be issued to all three -- it is the first to encourage big brother to ride along with them. six days after the deadly pipeline explosion, the blast zone is still marked off as a crime scene. san bruno city officials today estimated the damage total at nearly $38 million to homes,
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property and infacility structure. on a tour of the devastation. schwarzenegger offered help. every single thing, if it was the fault of somebody, or something that has not been maintained, there is no hiding of information, i can guarantee you that. >> he said he sent a letter to president obama today asking for a federal major disaster declaration. a father and son are being credited with rescuing elderly women. the seniors had been left behind. >> we knew it was so big that someone needed some help somehow. >> reporter: seconds after the explosion rocked their
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neighborhood, bob and his # 5- year-old son bobby drove down vermont way to homes close to the flames and found a lot of people needed help including an elderly woman. >> she was screaming. we didn't know if there was kids in the house or what. >> reporter: they went inside. they were shocked to find several wheelchair bound women in their 60, 0s 7 -- 70s and 80s, who had been left behind. >> and there was flow sound -- no sound. i looked down the hallway and i looked to the right, the first bedroom, bobby went to the left. and i saw a lady there, an elderly lady in a reclining chair with oxygen on, she had
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no idea what was going on. i said couple on, sweet heart, we've got to do. >> reporter: they evacuated all six women who lived there. a neighbor was down the block taking these photos of the horrific scene. everyone was scared but wonders how the care gives could just leave. >> they were forgotten. >> reporter: what do you say about this. >> i want to thank the people that saved all the people in there, that's all. >> tell me about the people who were giving the care. why did they take off? can you tell us about that? can you just explain what kind of car gives they are? >> reporter: they drove the women to the hospital in their own cars. none were seriously injured. the started us of the two care
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gives remains unclear but county officials are looking into the situation. they are also planning to give accommodations to all the people that helped in this dire situation. meg whitman just smashed a record. so far she has put $119 million into her campaign, more than any other candidate in u.s. history. she is finding ---- fighting back against the new attack ad. the one word the campaign is taking issue with. >> reporter: this is the political ad that led to threats of a lawsuit and forced tv stations and a cable channel to blink. >> she says we should cut another $7 billion from our schools. 33% larger class sizes and even more cuts to arts and music programs. >> reporter: they call the spot a lie. the spot was done by the
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california teachers association. the teach ears union. they can be held liable for these statements if they run the ad. most television stations stopped running the ad. >> speaking of negative afterwards, the california teachers association put um an ad that was blatantly false. >> reporter: she reacted in san francisco. >> they said i want to do cut the education budget by $7 billion and lay off 100,000 teachers. i never said anything like that. in fact, my third priority is education. >> reporter: what does cta say to that. >> have tell us where she's going to get the money from. that's all we're asking. >> reporter: but the ad says she says she's going to take $7 billion from education. >> that's a what -- that's what her plan says. the real question is where is
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the money coming from. >> reporter: they have modified its ad. it could cut another $7 billion from our schools. >> reporter: now instead of saying she would cut it, the ad says she plans to cut 7 billion from education. she countys to have it back on the air tomorrow. it says the original can be viewed on the california teachers association website. >> thank you. well, the fairly low key campaign against proposition 19 which is the measure that would legalize marijuana is getting fired up. the california beer and bench association recently contributed $10,000 to the campaign. a spokesperson says he believes it stems over concerns over driver safety. some speculate the beer industry may not be concerned about safety but maybe
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consumers choosing marijuana over beer. it was a sun set cruise with a very serious purpose, to raise money for the people of gaza. activists gathered tonight to launch a new flotilla to deliver humanitarian aid. they have been under an israeli blockade for three years. >> we're here to say that these types of guard and teens and seiges are inhugh main and immoral and illegal. >> reporter: it was raided by command ohs back in may. nine people were killed. the new one is supposed to set sale in november. leashed or not, dogs are being asked to stay off certain trails. the reason, coyotes. if you're looking for a way to throw yourself into a new
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exercise routine, this may be it. we're starting next week. you can literally bounce off the walls. and some of those folks are jumping for joy because we've got rain back in the forecast. we will pinpoint that day with your eyewitness weather outlook. this is all sensitive information, the things you say on the phone. coming up in minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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dogs a rarily not allowed on four trails near palo alto. coyotes are prompting a ban on dog walking. they are not allowed on four trails near pal low alt oh. >> reporter: out here ton outskirts, you are not alone. >> we are in their habitat and we are visitors here. >> this coyote that we caught on tape could very well be the same one park rangers say has been acting aggressively lately. several owners have reported that a coyote has been barking, how long and even nipping at their dogs. as a result, signs have been posted banning dogs on five separate trails. the trails along the western edge of the preserve. >> then it started coming towards me. i am like, this is not good.
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>> reporter: they normally avoid humans. but a few weeks ago, he says it came right at him. he did exactly what rangers want you to do. fight back. >> i said get out of here. something like that. >> reporter: he made lots of noise, used his bike to look big and scared the animal off. rangers say this coyote is an adult. not sure if it's male or female. it's probably protecting a deny with some pups. she says it every time she hikes. >> i like them and they have a right to be here. they should be left aloan. they need their privacy. >> reporter: this is the second dog ban this year. no word on when it will be lifted. there have been no out right attacks. so for now, rangers plan to just leave the coyotes aloan. well your cell phone could
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soon be checking your heart rate. it's to -- the technology may work a little too well. >> reporter: from music taupes, apple has changed the way we look at phones. it may sound like sighify but they filed a new patent. >> this is a fascinating way to figure out if the person who owns the phone has the phone. you can register assume bell of your heartbeat, your fingerprints, that is your ownership profile. >> reporter: once your phone is locked, apple can then record their data, their heartbeat, their face and their voice, even with conversations they are having around them. they can pinpoint your phone's
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location. critics point out, whatever apple can do to would be thieves he this can also do to you. >> this is sensitive information. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation opposes the new spy wear. it could turn your phone into a virtual surveillance system. it's vulnerable to any kind of court battle. >> reporter: not everyone who is worried about privacy. some are willing to trade privacy for more security. >> i recently lost my iphone. i think that's great. it's amazing how much we've progressed. >> reporter: he points out when it comes to technology, privacy as we know it may soon be a thing of the past. >> you've got to realize that privacy in the future is a relative term. >> reporter: now apple has not
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responded to our request for comment so it's not clear exactly how the data would be collected or stored, but it is important to note that just because they applied for this pat he want doesn't mean they will get it or actually make the phone. just gives you an idea of what the future might hold. >> where things are going. >> i'm going to move to the months and throw everything in the river. well, let's check in with the weather. >> it's going to cause a big splash. hey, this -- city of san francisco, boy, we have some overcast skies after having a high today of 61 degrees, which is still 10 degrees below average. morning forecast, clouds streaming all the way inland. pretty chilly, too. temperatures near 50 for the
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morning commute. low 50s around the santa clara valley. here is the marine layer moving autopsy the way inland. causing some con denization in the form of drizzle and into the bay. we even joy one more day of temperatures near normal. here you have a fast-moving cold front. but it's going to punch through some dyer air mass. we're seeing some chance of light rain by the weekend because it's going to be a hard time for those raindrops to make it from the cloud to the ground with all that dry conditions. one more day of mild temperatures. in fact, pinpointing some of those locations, livermore, 86, temperatures averaging about 3 to 5 degrees below normal. meanwhile, your pinpoint forecast starting with the coast, 60s, beachs. 78 in san jose.
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76 -- otherwise mid-80s due east of the tri-valley. cool day again in richmond once the clouds clear out. 80 degrees and full on sunshine in santa rosa. there is a five-day forecast. a chance of rain saturday and sunday. there you have the partly cloudy conditions by tuesday and wednesday. that is the pinpoint forecast. >> fabulous. thanks. san francisco's parks will get an infusion of cash after a benefit party tonight. guests attended a dinner and live auction at the japanese tea garden. -- ice skating lessons, organizers said the event could raise up to $200,000 dollars. not far from that party, a tamp positive line park opened
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up today. what is that? that's a giant bouncy area made up of 42 of them all stuck together. it's called the matrix there's a spot for gymnasts and snow borders. the business warns you that you are jumping at your own risk and you have to sign a waiver. that looks like fun. >> looks like a way to get out some stress. all right. when you're thinking about that, think about this, does your brain, does its capacity maximum out at 10%. we already know the answer [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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somebody help me down. ed in san ramon wants to know: most people would probably tell you it's true even if they don't remember where they heard it first. is it true that we only use 10% of our brain? that's tonight's good question. >> we're using our visual systems constantly. >> the human brain, three to four pounds of tissue and blood vessels and neurons and cells that control our much ability to see, touch, smell, communicate, reason and remember. and we use all of it. >> is it true we only use 10% of our brain. >> that is a pitt that is untrue. >> she says you can blame you know who for some of that bad info. >> there are some people who
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have been blamed for it. inn stein is one of them. he was trying to explain his brain capacity compared to us. >> reporter: the almost miraculous ability to continually store new information. >> the brain is able to make more connections. those brain cells are making more and more connections with neighboring neurons that didn't exist before you learned something new. >> reporter: as we age, it's even more important to force ourselves to learn new things. it's good for your head. >> the key here is that even if you tried something new like maybe you've never played a musical instrument. you don't have to be good at it, you just s have to attempt it and try it. your brain is making these new connections. >> reporter: i need your good questions. well, the giants use only
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10% of their offense. they finally scored a run. question is was it enough? we are up next. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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1-0 to the dodgers last night. 40,000 at at&t thought it might happen again. montana never ran an offense like this. cain on his a game. three hits allowed. eats just looking for one run. give me one run. one run. he thought he had two runs on this. gut jay falls down and makes the catch against the wall. 7th inning, phone at the no --
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1-0 giants. pablo grounds out to second. they are going to come home. here's the throw. the giants squeak it out 2-1. career high of seven runs batted in. rockies finally beat the padres 9-6. the giants are now a half game behind the padres in the west and closing in. a's trying to win the match against the royals. cahill gives it all back after one pitch. a grand slam and the a's fall 6- 3. it's the final there. >> you know, it's frustrating because they let a lot of great pitching slip away because -- the a's should have been contenders and they weren't. >> half a game back.
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>> [ laughterr and brakg syem tougenou bri it l to sto heavdutyeman?m tougenou
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